Common Boston, the BSA Foundation's citywide open house festival, is taking a hiatus in 2018.

Last year, the Foundation announced a new strategic plan. As part of that plan, the Foundation has set 2030 as a deadline to deliver on three ambitious goals:     

  • Ensuring every child in Greater Boston has access to design education.
  • Providing access to design resources for every neighborhood in Greater Boston.
  • Effecting changes in policies that result in socially and environmentally excellent design for everyone in Greater Boston.

The BSA Foundation strives to achieve these goals through public programs and initiatives and in 2018 will be operationalizing internal resources and engaging its community partners to deliver on them. Part of this process involves assessing existing programs, the resources required to mount them, and their direct alignment with the three articulated goals.

Common Boston is a jubilant program that helps fulfill the Foundation's broad vision of engaging and inspiring residents with the power of design. It is also requires a significant amount of BSA staff time and other resources to organize, coordinate and mount successfully. Its hiatus will enable the Foundation to evaluate its entire suite of programming and refocus its human and financial resources.

The Foundation thanks our wonderful leadership, partner sites, sponsors, and volunteers for two very successful and festive seasons, and promise to stay connected as we lay plans for the future. In the meantime, discover other opportunities to participate in Foundation programs and join the charge to build a better Boston by engaging communities, inspiring vision, and provoking positive change.

The BSA Foundation is a charitable organization providing design awareness programs that illuminate the ways in which design improves the quality of our lives. By 2030, the Foundation aims to position Boston as a model of a resilient, equitable, architecturally vibrant city and region. 

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Instagram Photo Contest

The #BSAFoundation is delighted to announce the winners of #CB17 Instagram Photo Contest!

More than 100 photos were shared as part of this Photo Contest, in partnership with IGBoston. Festival participants posted images of their favorite sites and points of view throughout the city over the course of the weekend. Congratulations to the talented winners!

From left to right: CB17 Instagram Photo Contest winning images: L Street Power Station by Matthew Dickey, IGBoston member and Trinity Church by Bob Canto.


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