Common Boston, an annual festival of the Boston Society of Architects and a program of the BSA Foundation, Common Boston promotes a greater appreciation of the built environment, inspires discussion about excellence in design, planning, and preservation, and broadens awareness of the rich architectural and cultural traditions present in diverse communities throughout greater Boston. 

Since 2006, we've hosted over 250+ events for thousands of attendees in 35 communities around the region. In doing so, our all-volunteer organization impacts greater Boston in multiple ways:

  • Helps designers and the public discover Boston's history, cultural assets, small businesses, neighborhood development, architecture, art, regional communities, and more.
  • Breaks down silos and encourages a greater spirit of collaboration among designers, firms, organizations and the public.
  • Inspires people to share personal experiences, community challenges, neighborhood resources, and business opportunities.
  • Enhances the profile of Boston as a diverse, vibrant community with a rich cultural tradition.
  • Facilitates economic growth, access and opportunity, especially in underserved areas.