Thank You! CB14 Summerfest

We want to thank all of our wonderful volunteers, tour leaders, instructors, sponsors, partners, and of course, all you folks who attended our events and helped make this year's CB Summerfest a hit!  

To our Insightful Guides: Louis Capozzi, Bruce Percelay, Angelo Guida, Mario Zanca, Lance Borst, Maria Schaedler-Luera, Marlon Orozco, Ian Wilson, David Downing, Charlie Vasiliades, Dayl of Boston-By-Foot, James Madden, David Raszmann, and Jo-Ann Barbour; 

Our Sponsors: BSA, BFA, WGBH, Greenvale Winery, Sam Adams, the Charles Riverboat Company, Commonwealth and Fuji;

Our Collaborators and Community Partners: Gretchen Schneider of CDRC, CNU New England, Matthew Lister of Gehl Studio NY, DJ Brotherwayne, Boston's Best Bartending, Baker's Best Catering, Genzyme, Novartis, Skanska, Cambridge Community Art Center, Inc., Dante Alighieri Society, Mount Vernon Company, Allston Village Main Streets, Brighton-Allston Historical Society, Brighton Mainstreets, The Presentation School Foundation, Friends of the Fanueil Branch Library, Boston-By-Foot, Unbound Visual Arts, Community Builders, Charlesview Inc., Harvard University Property Development, Kendall Square Association and restaurants in Kendall Square: Commonwealth, Za, Fuji and Kika Tapas.

and the support of BSA/BFA Staff: Mary Fichtner, Conor MacDonald, Ben Cohen, Penny Mitchell, Eric White, Ann Feinman and Flora Peters.

Stay tuned for details on our upcoming CB Fallfest on October 7-13 for more fun and exciting public events!  In the mean time, check out our calendar for local events happening in K2 and A/B!

'14 CB Team

Posted on July 2, 2014 .

The Spaces in Between

This year Common Boston's theme "Places in Between", seeks to explore those under-utilized urban areas that connect common points in the neighborhoods of Allston/Brighton and Kendall/MIT. 

Similarly, Rebecca W. E. Edmunds, Associate AIA, discusses the opportunity for transformation and how designers are rethinking the small leftover spots between program spaces in the Fall/Winter 2013 publication of IIDA's Perspective Magazine. Discover how programs such as Sacramento's Alley Activation Pilot Project are serving as catalysts for similar projects to take place both in urban and interior settings throughout the country.

Read the full article here.



Posted on May 4, 2014 .

Kendall Square: Open Space Design Competition


The Cambridge Redevelopment Authority has hired StastnyBrun Architects of Portland, OR to lead the Eastern Cambridge Kendall Square Open Space Design Competition, an initiative to connect public open spaces in K2. According to the Cambridge Community Development Department, over 5 acres of new and renovated public open space will be created, primarily at four locations, in the vicinity of Kendall Square in Eastern Cambridge: Rogers Street between Second and Third Streets; Triangle parcel at Land Boulevard and First Street; Galileo Way between Broadway and Binney Street, and; Point Park at Main Street and Broadway.

The project brief goes on to state:

In June the competition will launch, and potential candidates will submit portfolios of their work. Based on the list, a jury consisting of private and public stakeholders will create a shortlist of candidates who will proceed to the next stage.
Candidates will then interview, explaining their resumes and work to the jury. Four teams will be selected to participate in the final stage. All four candidates will be part of a concept competition. In late November, the finalists will have submitted their developed ideas, tested their working methodology and explored the anticipated effects of their proposals.
The announcement of the winner is planned for Jan. 6, 2015. The project will look at several green spaces, in particular the Rogers Street site and what is known as the "porkchop parcel" near the intersect of Binney Street and Galileo Galilei Way.

Read more about the upcoming competition here an here.


Posted on April 8, 2014 .

Bring on the Waterworks!

During our last event of the CB Forum weekend on March 16th, a group of eighteen attendees were fortunate to receive a guided tour on the architecture and engineering of the Waterworks Museum. Guided by architectural historian and museum board member, Dennis De Witt, we had the opportunity to learn about Boston's past through the history of the metropolitan waterworks system. Located at the edge of Boston in front of the Chestnut Hill reservoir in Brighton, the Waterworks Museum is one of the newest museums to open in the last five years in the city of Boston.

Once called the “High Service Pumping Station” what is now the Waterworks Museum used to provide running water to Boston's growing population. Designed by both Arthur Vinyl and later Wheelwright and Haven the Richardsonian Romanesque style architecture of the Waterworks Museum makes it a historical architectural gem in the Chestnut Hill area.

For more info on visiting or supporting the Waterworks Museum please visit their website

Posted on April 3, 2014.