2013 CB Challenge: Registration Open!

Image by mirka23 on Flickr  

Image by mirka23 on Flickr


Consider yourself a gal/guy about town? Have the inside track on the best of Boston art & design, history and sites, businesses and must-see destinations too? Trivia nights your thing?  Above all else (and this is important): Do you like to have fun and win prizes? Well Common Boston has just the thing for you: The CB Challenge!

You may ask: Wait, what’s the CB Challenge??

Why, it’s a friendly, community-oriented competition that’s part scavenger hunt, part urban race, and part trivia game all rolled into one. Think of it as a one-day Amazing Race where smarts can beat speed and you’re allowed to complete as many or few challenges as you want, in any order you decide.

Ok, so what are the challenges?

Challenges are things you complete for points. There are three basic parts to a challenge: Site+Activity+Documentation. Here’s an example:

Take a photo (Activity) of the ICA building (Site) and share it via Facebook (Documentation).

That’s an easy one, but some may be harder than others. Some challenges may tell you where to go, others may not. Some may be trivia questions entirely and not involve actually going to a place. You could be asked to do a physical activity, or draw a picture, or maybe even wear something silly. You might even need to pay attention for clues in real world too. Nothing too difficult though; we want to keep it lighthearted and fun while helping you explore the vibrant neighborhoods along Dot Ave and the Boston Harbor.

Will I be doing challenges for 24 hours straight? Sounds hard!

Not at all. The point is to give you a set amount of time to complete as many as you can, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to complete all the challenges. There’s a strategy to it, if you’re smart.

Where and when does the CB Challenge occur?

The CB Challenge will kick off at noon on Saturday June 8th with a list of challenges emailed to team captains. Then over the course of 24 hours teams will complete as many as they want before meeting up at Harpoon Brewery by 11:30 on Sunday June 9th. There is no set course but the CB Challenge will cover Dot Ave and Boston Harbor. We will give clues to places along these corridors and each team can determine their own course. The clues may not be in a logical order.

What do I need for the challenges? What if I can’t complete aone of them?

If you don’t know the answer to a trivia question, can’t find a particular site, or just don’t want to complete a particular activity you can simply choose not to do it and move on. There’s no penalty at all, and again the point is that you have fun first and foremost. Of course, you could ask a friendly person on the street for help or could even go to the internet in search of your answer. Your call.

At the end of the race people must be able to show they did all of the challenges they claim to have completed. This may be in the form of stamps at specific locations, shares via social media, photos on their phone, or maybe even scavenged items brought to the finish line at Harpoon.

Love it. What do I get if I win? Are there prizes??

There are a number of prizes and a number of categories for “winning” too. If you get the most points, you’ll win something, If you’re a good sport and friendly you might win something too. Best photo, yes certainly that deserves a prize. Fewest points? Well that may deserve something too. Brought a baby along? Aww, that’s cute. Yes, here’s a prize.

(Prizes will be announced soon. Email kevin@commonboston.org to get updates!)

Sweet. Who’s making all this happen?

Some really great volunteers and a wonderful set of local business owners and organizations. Check out the CB Challenge: Hosts & Sponsors page for all the great people participating!

Sounds great! How do I join?

There are three ways people can participate in this fun, community-driven event:

  1. Be a Host whereby you put forth a specific “challenge” to participants.
  2. Be a Sponsor wherein you contribute to the prize pool.
  3. Be a Challenger where you put a team together: www.racemenu.com/CBchallenge
  4. Be all three!

For more info on being a Host or Sponsor simply email kevin@commonboston.org

Posted on March 21, 2013 .