Announcing our 2014 Common Points + Theme!

Map showing Allston-Brighton and Kendall Square/MIT

We are very excited to introduce the results of this year’s Common Point survey– Kendall Square/MIT and Allston-Brighton. Together, these two “neighborhoods” each represent extremely rich histories of community involvement, business venture, and civic pride. They each contain a major institution of higher education whose alumni are global leaders in their field. Of course, international companies and small businesses both contribute to financial growth and economic opportunities in these areas as well. Notably, each of these Common Points have recently approved development plans too, including Kendall’s K2C2 Initiative, the MIT2030 Plan, the Harvard Allston Campus Expansion, and New Balance’s Brighton Landing.

Though these Common Points have many points of parallel, there of course exists many more factors that make them unique. Our 2014 programming will explore these communities from all sides and help achieve Common Boston’s main goals: to promote our shared creative capital, foster dialogue among diverse communities, and highlight design’s impact on our everyday experience.

Following a popular vote via online survey, Common Boston has determined our all-important theme for 2014 too: The Places In Between.

We view our theme in many ways, both literal and figurative, and find it more easily understood by way of example rather than definition: The Places in Between could lie within the shifting borders of real or imagined neighborhoods. Or maybe it’s those spaces that people create for themselves, or reclaim on their own terms. They could be hidden, overlooked or less-traveled paths or corridors, waiting to be discovered. Especially apt for our 2014 Common Points, The Places In Between may signify areas of transition or development.

Through this year's Common Points of Kendall Square/MIT and Allston-Brighton we will investigate our theme through events, symposia, competition, and tours. By bringing together people from all backgrounds in conversation, we hope to uncover what such places mean to the community, both individually and collectively. Above all else, our intention for Common Boston's 2014 programming reflects our organization's central mission: to engage designers and the public for the benefit of more vibrant, sustainable, and equitable communities everywhere.

Posted on October 15, 2013 .