Inaugural 2013 Event: The CB Challenge


For the past six years Common Boston has brought together individuals and organizations from across the design spectrum to build valuable community relationships and a more vibrant urban environment. Lecture series, open studios, exhibitions, workshops, competitions, and tours have each celebrated the role design plays in our region. Ultimately, the Common Boston festival aims to create opportunities for networking, dialogue, and discovery of both Boston and its cultural assets.

This year, Common Boston is excited to introduce new programming that unites creativity and quick thinking with city smarts and strategy all at once. The CB Challenge will be a half day competition that includes trivia questions, a photo hunt, light physical activities and more all focusing on the creativity, culture, and people that sustain our local communities.

With our Common Points of Dot Ave and the Boston Harbor as a course, teams will compete against one another to win cash and prizes. Think of it as an “Amazing Race” type scavenger hunt of sorts where you get to know your city inside and out while having a lot of fun along the way.

We’re working with organizations and business to develop more of the CB Challenge program but suffice to say we envision this as a signature event for this year (and future Common Boston festivals too). Be sure to check back here for registration info, sponsoring partners, advanced clues, prize details and more in the weeks to come… Look forward to seeing you on race day!

Register yourself or a team at RaceMenu today!

For more info check out the CB Challenge page on

Posted on February 2, 2013 .