3/4 Meeting Minutes

WGBH Mobile Studio Unit, image by Night Owl City

WGBH Mobile Studio Unit, image by Night Owl City

"Getting Down to ClusterFest"

  1. The Forum - Planning Updates, Publicity, Interactive elements, Instagram Contest, Volunteers
  2. Other “March ClusterFest” events - Status; deadline
  3. Thinking ahead: dParty, Summer events and beyond

Check out all the updates from this meeting here!


Please share our CB Forum with your friends and colleagues today! 

  • Tell your coworkers, family and friends
  • Print and pin up our poster (attached) at work, school, coffee shop, church, etc
  • Send the Press Release to friends and colleagues
  • Share the event via Facebook–just go to our FB page and share one of our event posts
  • Tweet about it! Two suggestions:
    • I'm attending the free @commonboston CB Forum on #allston #brighton #kendall #MIT #community #placemaking Join me! http://tiny.cc/cbforum143/13
    • Thursday 3/13—Chat with folks from @CDDat344 @CharlesRiverCRC @AllstonVillagMS and more! Free event! http://tiny.cc/cbforum14
  • Or you can just a bring a friend or two!
  • +++ Enter our Instagram Photo Contest. Photos displayed & winners announced at the Forum.
Posted on March 6, 2014 .