Digital Murals | WGBH Tour

"A visual landmark to match the importance of WGBH as a cultural institution."

–The Boston Globe

As part of our CB Forum weekend, Common Boston was fortunate to have Chris Pullman (former VP) and Steve Wasserman of WGBH give us an exclusive tour of their headquarters building.  Many know the WGBH building due to its visibility from the Mass Pike, where Boston’s only “digital mural” provides colorful whimsy to a rather conservative city.  Attendees of the tour were taken “behind the scenes” through WGBH’s main offices, as well as state-of-the-art, fully functioning production studios.  WGBH moved into its new facility in 2007 and produces a third of radio, music, news and television programming for the US’s entire public broadcasting system. The LEED certified building proves to accomplish its goal of using practical and simple materials in an elegant, functional manner.  The design intent of this facility was to express the WGBH brand through their building – the organization’s first building specially created for WGBH in many decades.  We think they accomplished their goal!

Posted on March 23, 2014 .