Spring dreams at Mahoney's

Though several months into a winter that seems like it will never end, last Saturday afternoon at Mahoney's Garden Center in Brighton, it certainly felt like spring was on its way.  A dozen or so people gathered at the store on Saturday for Common Boston's Tea + Terrariums event, which was just about as charming as it sounds.

The experience was wonderful– hot tea and cookies in the midst of Mahoney's indoor greenery and a personalized lesson in the art of making terrariums. The store's resident expert, Annmarie, taught us about the different types of terrariums and the plants that work best in each, and then showed us how to make an open air terrarium.  I'm no green thumb, and so I was pleasantly surprised to see how simple the process was. There was something incredibly appealing about the whole terrarium aesthetic– part minimalist, part green, and always unique.

We all got a chance to make our own terrariums, which was a blast (although I think my terrarium-making skills still need a bit of work).  I quickly forgot about the minimalist quality that I had admired earlier and ended up trying to fit one too many plants into my very small glass container. But there's always next time!  We were warned that terrariums can be fickle systems and that we shouldn't feel bad if one of our creations dies, or requires a little resuscitation. Five days in, and mine's still alive and kicking.  

I'm feeling inspired to work more on my green thumb as spring really gets going.  A big thanks to Mahoney's, the entire friendly staff and the store manager, Sara di Palermo, for hosting this wonderful event.

Posted on March 23, 2014 .