Bring on the Waterworks!

During our last event of the CB Forum weekend on March 16th, a group of eighteen attendees were fortunate to receive a guided tour on the architecture and engineering of the Waterworks Museum. Guided by architectural historian and museum board member, Dennis De Witt, we had the opportunity to learn about Boston's past through the history of the metropolitan waterworks system. Located at the edge of Boston in front of the Chestnut Hill reservoir in Brighton, the Waterworks Museum is one of the newest museums to open in the last five years in the city of Boston.

Once called the “High Service Pumping Station” what is now the Waterworks Museum used to provide running water to Boston's growing population. Designed by both Arthur Vinyl and later Wheelwright and Haven the Richardsonian Romanesque style architecture of the Waterworks Museum makes it a historical architectural gem in the Chestnut Hill area.

For more info on visiting or supporting the Waterworks Museum please visit their website

Posted on April 3, 2014 .