The BSA Foundation

"Imagining a city shaped by design the public at heart.”

The Common Boston Festival is a program of the BSA Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to building a better Boston by engaging communities, inspiring vision, and provoking positive change. With understanding, our communities will be better equipped to enrich and preserve our physical and natural surroundings, and through Foundation activities, we illuminate how design improves the quality of our lives. Foundation programs reach Boston’s children and families, residents and community groups, business leaders, policy makers, academics, and design professionals, who together connect, discuss, and work toward healthy and safe urban environments for all.

The Boston Society of Architects

The Boston Society of Architects (BSA) is committed to professional development for its members, advocacy on behalf of great design, and sharing an appreciation for the built environment with the public at large. A chapter of the American Institute of Architects established in 1867, the BSA is a nonprofit, professional-service organization consisting of more than 3,500 members throughout the region. In partnership with the BSA Foundation, the BSA produces a diverse array of programs and publications, including Common Boston, Learning By Design, ABX and many others.

BSA Space

The BSA Foundation, BSA, and Common Boston are all located at the BSA Space, which features more than 5,000 square feet of gallery space for creative explorations of the potential of design to inspire, create community and transform the world we inhabit.

BSA Space

290 Congress Street, Suite 200 

Boston MA 02210